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Bronchial Formula by Health Aid

Simply Natural | Speciality |  Bronchial Formula by Health Aid

Health Aid Bronchial Formula 50ml

Health Aid Bronchial Formula 50ml

Price: 6.12


Health Aid Bronchial Formula

Contains Hyssop,Mullein,Elecampane,Thyme,Liquorice and Coltsfoot in ethanol
Health Aid liquid botanicals are derived from top quality wild crafted or organically grown herbs that are meticulously processed to maintain purity and a high potency.The herbs are cultivated without the use of chemicals,preservatives,herbicides,pesticides,fumicides or irradation.
Place 20-30 drops in a little liquid and take 1-2 times a day

Customer Reviews

  I use it during harvest season  it is remarkable and I depend nit .. use it and feel much better   lori - modesto ca